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Tomato Catsup

About 20 Half-Pints
By: Jocelyn Bocachica

This condiment originated in Malaya, and its name derives from the native word for “taste”. No other food so familiar to Americans seems to have so many variations in spelling (Ketchup…)

Wash and cut into pieces:
1 peck tomatoes: 8 quarts
8 sliced medium-sized onions
2 long red peppers without seeds or membrane
Simmer these ingredients until soft.


¾ cup brown sugar

Tie in a bag and add:
1 tablespoon each whole allspice, cloves, mace, celery seed, and peppercorns
2 inches stick cinnamon
½ teaspoon dry mustard
½ clove garlic
11/2 bay leaves

Boil these ingredients quickly, stirring often.

Continue to stir until the quantity is reduced by one-half. Remove the spice bag.

2 cups cider vinegar
(Cayenne and coarse salt)
Simmer the catsup for 10 minutes longer. Pour at one into sterile jars, leaving 1/8-inch headroom. Seal and process 15 minutes in a boiling-water bath, for half-pints.

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