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Sushi – California Roll

By: Julie Wang, Jannette Kim, and Emily Huang

Ingredients: rice, vinegar powder for rice, nori (dried seaweed sheets), avocado, cucumber, crab meat, mayonnaise, soy sauce, wasabi.

1. Cook steam rice
2. Prepare the ingredients: cut cucumber and avocado (approx. 1/5″ slim); mince crab meat and add mayo.
3. Apply vinegar powder to the rice little by little; mix (attention: not to mash rice! or rice becomes sticky!)
4. Place equipment to make a roll on your counter (normally made of bamboo can be found at a Japanese supermarket.) Place clear wrap on it; put the rice on (as much as you can’t see the bottom: shallow!) Place a dried seaweed sheet on; place all 3 ingredients in front on your side.
5. Start rolling from your side; after rotating once, tighten the roll; keep tightening it as you roll. (Attention: keep removing the wrap as you roll to prevent it from involved.)
6. Slice it; dip it in soy sauce with wasabi; smile!

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