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Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Jake, Owen, Boze, and Louis on the Catalina Express

Jake, Owen, Boze, and Louis on the Catalina Express

Arrival to Two Harbors, Catalina

Arrival to Two Harbors, Catalina

Snorkeling in Cherry Cove

Snorkeling in Cherry Cove

Group 1 of 2 with Callen our Science Instructeur

Group 1 of 2 with Callen our Science Instructeur

Alex Cabale and Hana Salameh celebrating their inner nerds on "Nerd Day" in the computer lab at school.


Ryan, Joy, Alex, Chloe and Nikki pose for a picture on Nerd Day.


Dylan picking flowers.


Corinne Madelmont and Rodrigo the custodian.


The 3rd & 4th grade French class study the pond in the middle of the campus. They tried to identify the pond life in French.


Dylan Monagle practicing Algebra.


Devin, Anh and Elizabeth testing out the catapult they built for a senior project.


Dr. Glory Ludwick, school director with Mrs. Lori Doron and the sixth grade students pose by the pond.


Jasmine Gallegos and Berkeley Krstich hanging on the monkey bars during playtime.


Jae Han Chan and Ryan Hwang paint Artist Interpretations on a ceramic boat during art class.


Paige Alsborg laughs as she comes up from eating pie during the Pie Eating Contest on March 14, Pi Day at Emerson.


Cooking is always a favorite pasttime in Japanese class with Mrs. Yayoi Ludwick.


Mr. Kevin North, Mr. Dung Dinh, and Mr. Sean Kelley stand proud with Emerson's ultimate basketball team of 2009.


With a group of seniors, Dr. Glory Ludwick poses for a few yearbook snapshots.


Andrew Franks enjoying the remainder of his pie after the Pie Eating Contest.


Practicing cursive is always a fun favorite at Emerson


Here are the Chameleons, Condors and Dragonflies practicing the opera "Goblins Taking Over the World."


Mr. Dinh giving his constructive criticism to Emerson's leading soccer team, the Bears. Their first game of the season ended in a fair tie.


Justice giving a thumb's up after the game. He was the star goalie and saved the game. The other team's admiration really showed when they complimented Justice after the game, saying he could defend the goal while even sitting down!


After the auction 2009, Emerson was left with this great balloon character so here we are pictured with it! Our school in all it's glory.


Dr. Ludwick and the Algebra I class of 2010 making mayonnaise, using it as a metaphor to Dr. Ludwick's successful teaching method. In making mayonnaise it is very important to follow each step directly or your mayonnaise mixture will collapse. The same goes for learning, if you don't take it one step at a time, you will fail.


Trevor McArthy shaves his head and wears face paint for the annual robot battle at school in 2010.


Corinne Madelmont with Sarah Fari, Ali Aste and Arielle Crowe at Disneyland's petting zoo in 2010. The choir took a field trip to record covers of Disney songs in their private exclusive studios for choir.


For the 4th of July, the younger students of Eldorado Emerson participated in a fun and festive parade wearing red, white and blue in celebration of the nation's birthday.


Robot War 2011 between Alex and Juliet


Mr. North, our Science, Math, Astronomy teacher, is coaching Robot War 2011 with Dr. Saadi, our Lab Science/Math teacher watching in the back


Emerson Honors High School Prom 2011 First Row: Jenni, iris, Maythe, Yeelen, Paige, Mimi, and Hana Second Row: Luc, Zach, Alex, Zach, Justice, Christian, and Clayton


Our cooking class 5th Period 2011 with Makayla Edwards, Gian Maria visiting from Italy, Kevin Houssin visiting from France, me, Joshua Brown, and Dr. Saadi


Elizabeth Jahn, Rose Gerg, Michael Justice and Nick Mead from the Orangutans' Class are posing for JJ's 5th Birthday in the Preschool area

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