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San Francisco Anniversary Trip 2009

In memory of our beloved Japan trip, we spent some time in Japan Town. Here is Gilles with a Bonsai tree and some pigeons. Konnichiwa!


We are standing in front of a modern depiction of a Japanese Tower in front of the Japan Town Shopping Center. Inside you will find a Purikura shop, a Japanese stationary shop, a slew of authentic Japanese restaurants (sans Benihana, an American favorite!)


Looking thrilled as ever, Gilles is waiting in a freezing 2 hour line to dine in the world famous Dottie's True Blue Cafe. Though he was slightly upset by the long line, he emerged from the Cafe happy as ever with a stomach full of blueberry pancakes and a souvenir mug.


Graffiti is not always ugly - this beautiful building located on Market and McAllister was decorated in awe inspiring peaceful murals.


The Market Street Cinema, where you can see San Francisco's finest showgirls! ( We are only half kidding 😛 )


Anti-war activists from are protesting in San Francisco's Union Square, a big city where your words are heard!

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