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Pâte à galettes (pancakes made from all wheat flour)

For 12 galettes:

• 2 cups wheat flour
• 1 egg
• 3 cups water
• butter or lard for cooking
• cooked ham
• turkey bacon
• pinch of sea salt
• drops of melted lard or oil

 Pour the flour into a bowl
 Form a well
 Whisk the egg in it
 Add salt and oil or melted lard
 Gradually add water, mixing the ingredients to form a liquid batter
 Leave to rest
 In the mean time cook the bacon and heat the ham. Place on a plate covered with paper towel to absorb the grease
 Heat 2 pans, and grease well with butter
 Fry the egg in one pan
 Add a ladle of dough on the other pan
 When the edges turn brown, turn the galette over and cook the other side
 While they are both cooking, place the bacon and the ham, then the fried egg
 You can fold the sides of the galette into a square.

Pate a galettes1

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