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Our Pets

This is Hector, he is an African Grey Parrot who is about 15 years old. He loves to imitate the sounds of the phone, other birds, water drops, any noises.


This a baby Cockatiel that was donated to a family from Emerson.


This is Chico, our beloved "buff" Chihuahua. He died three years ago due to old age.


Here is Julie with our newest addition, Estella. Estella is a yellow labrador who is currently looking forward to her graduation from Obedience Classes at Petsmart.


Here is Julie with Estella at Obedience Class Graduation. Estella is now a very well-mannered girl!


Estella has just completed another course in intermediate obedience education and is now going to start Agility Class!


Estella has now graduated from a Click-A-Trick Education PetSmart Training Program. Despite her vast repertoire of tricks, Estella is especially talented at playing dead. BANG!


This is Rusty, a Pekingese/Shitzhu mix who is 9 years old. Rusty likes to always be by your side. A total companion dog. In the shower, in the kitchen, in the garden...


This is Newspaper, we rescued him from a neighbor who left him for dead after moving to a new city. Newspaper loves to eat and get fur all over your clothes.


Medusa the Python is a very nice snake, she is about 4 feet long and loves to eat mice.


This is Shade, he is a 12 year old Labrador/Retriever/Saint Bernard mix.


Rusty after a bath in the sink. So happy!

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