Family, Our Family

Our Family

Jared with JJ, Gilles with Shade, Jonathan, Daniel Leza, Corinne with Rusty, Julie 2008


Julie and JJ, Spring Break 2009


Scarlett, 9 mos JJ, 2.5 years


JJ and Scarlett on Veteran's Day 2009.


Julie, Rusty and Estella on Thanksgiving 2009.


We celebrated JJ's birthday on Thanksgiving 2009 as well!


Scarlett playing in the park on Thanksgiving 2009.


Baby Jackson at 6 weeks old and without a doubt resembling Scarlett and JJ!


With her ribbons blowing in the wind, Scarlett marched with the Emerson 4th of July parade.


Enjoying the beach. It wouldn't be summer without it!


JJ at a friend's birthday party, enjoying a pony ride.


Julie and Corinne after enjoying Corinne's birthday dinner artfully and deliciously prepared by Julie. Happy birthday MOM!


Playing in the sand, December 2010


Jackson and Leza, December 2010


Bon Anniversaire Gilles!


Madelmonts and Bocachicas for Gilles Birthday


Leza, Daniel, Jonathan and Julie reunited for Thanksgiving 2011

Jackson, Scarlett, and JJ Bocachica are very excited to share our Thanksgiving dinner 2012 with their uncles Jon and Juan and aunt Julie.

Thanksgiving 2012 with our three grandchildren

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