Cooking, Main Dishes


By Julie Wang, and Emily Huang

Okonomiyaki is a mixture between pancake and pizza. “Okonomi” means “as you like.” This refers to the ingredients.

· Dough: 300 g flour, 210 ml water, 2 eggs, cabbage
· Vegetables and meats: dried shaved benito, green dried seaweed, beef or pork, octopus, squid, etc. anything you like^-^
· Sauces: brown okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise

1. Cut four large, green cabbage leaves without the hard, white core in thin strings (4 mm)
2. Mix the water, flour, eggs and the cabbage strings together
3. Add more ingredients to the dough
4. Fry the dough like a pancake in a small frying pan
5. Before turning the okonomiyaki over, and while the dough is still quite soft, put sliced meats on top of the dough
6. Turn the okonomiyaki
7. When fried well, serve the okonomiyaki with katsuobushi, aonori, mayonnaise, and okonomiyaki sauce

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