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Mouton Couscous

(Lamb with couscous and vegetable)
By: Violaine El Basri

Lamb cutlets
2 sliced onions
2 tomatoes
Salt, Pepper
Your favorite spices
½ zucchini per person
1 carrot per person
1 turnip
1 cabbage cooked first for 10 minutes
1 box of chick peas
1 box of couscous 6 people

Brown the meat in butter in a large saucepan (casserole or pressure cooker)
Add the onions. Brown for 5 minutes.
Add the spices, the cilantro, and the tomatoes cut in small pieces.
Cover with water. Cook for 20 minutes (pressure cooker), or 1 ½ hour (casserole).
Then add the peeled carrots cut in half. Cook 10 minutes longer (pressure cooker), or 20 minutes (casserole).
Add the cut zucchinis and turnip. Cook 5 minutes longer (pressure cooker), or 10 minutes (casserole).
Add the cabbage and the peeled chick peas.
Simmer for 10 to15 minutes.

The couscous needs to be puffed with boiling water (recipe on the box). 1 cup of water for 1 cup of semolina.

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