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Metaphor Mayonnaise


-Vegetable Oil

-1 Egg


-Lemon Juice

-Drop of Sugar

Start by opening a raw egg and beating it

Add 1 drop of vegetable oil and beat

Add 2 drops of oil and beat

Add 3 drops of oil and beat

Keep adding oil in larger quantities beating in between. When you have about a quart of mayonnaise, you may be addng 1 or 2 ounces of oil each time.

However, if you ever add too much oil between beatings, the emulsion will break. The egg will separate from the oil and no amount of beating will bring it back.

The only way you can rescue it is to start again with another egg, add 1 drop of oil and beat etc. When you have about a cupful, you may start adding the broken emulsion from your earlier attempt as if it were straight oil. Gradually you will be able to use it all and you will have a bowl full of mayonnaise. Add salt and lemon juice.

Learning is like this. Just as in making mayonnaise, if too much oil is added too early, the emulsion breaks and we have to start over fresh.

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