Eldorado Emerson, Golden Anniversary Gala and Play

Golden Anniversary Gala and Play

Dr. Glory Ludwick explained to the audience about how the Twin Princes play came to be and how she was thrilled with today's technology, specifically Flash Drives.


Mr. Sean Kelley presented Dr. Glory Ludwick with an honorary plaque commemorating her 50 years of dedication to Eldorado Emerson.


Wearing matching medieval gowns, Gabriella, Taylor and Elizabeth waved goodbye to their adoring fans.


To wrap up the play, singing was a must.


Strong singer Joy Jung wowed the crowd with her beautiful singing throughout the play.


The Caterpillar Boys help guard the castle while looking as handsome as ever.


Dylan Myaskovsky displayed his reading talents by helping narrate the play.


Suzanne Jimenez and Hana Salameh practiced for months in preparation of the play.


Breakout star Caitlin Greenfield surprised everyone with her amazing solo song during the play.


Luke Holani helps to narrate the play in a very stylish cape.


Joy Jung.


Zoe Bentley, dressed as a Joker, introduces the play titled "The Twin Princes."


Joy Jung and Hana Salameh


Dr. Glory Ludwick, dressed for success.


Gilles, Corinne, and Julie Madelmont with Leza and Jared Bocachica. The family united for Emerson's Golden Anniversary Gala.


Leza and Jared Bocachica

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