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Gian Maria’s Risotto a la Milanese


1 Lb Arborio rice

Saffron at your taste

1 onion

2 cubes of Beef broth

White wine (bottom of 500 mL bottle water)



Parmesan cheese

olive oil


1. Heat the water for the broth

2. Pour a good amount of olive oil in a frying pan

3. Chop the onion

4. Pour the beef broth cubes in the boiling water

5. Brown the onion in the frying pan

6. Add the rice in the pan

7. Add the Saffron and the salt to your taste

8. Add the wine

9. Add some broth

10. When the rice is cooked “adente”, turn off the heat

11. Add 2 Tb spoon butter

12. Add the Parmesan cheese

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