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Fruit Beignets

Can substitute apples for any fruit

2 cups flour
2 eggs – better to have brown or cage-free eggs
4 tbsp sugar
pinch of salt
drops of vanilla extract
drops of olive oil
1 glass of water or milk for thicker results, or half water / half milk
fruit of choice – apples (medium chopped), fresh boysenberries/blueberries recommended

Mix ingredients so that dough is thick, unlike crepe batter. Add desired fruit to batter – cut bigger fruit into smaller pieces. Put canola oil into pan and bring oil to frying point. Add half ladel-ful of dough into pan, three at a time. Cook until golden on both sides. When done place on paper towel over paper plate to absorb oil. Add regular or powdered sugar on top. Nutella if you wish! Perfect for Mardi Gras.

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