Cooking, Side Dishes

Fried Rice

By Dawna Perez

v Eggs
v Already cooked rice
v Soy sauce
v Vegetables (diced carrots, and peas, etc.)
v Meat (cut up bacon, sausage, chicken, etc.)
v Pan (size of the pan depends on how much you’re are going to be making)

What you are going to do is scrambling the eggs, then cook both the eggs and the meat together for added flavor to both of them. Then add the already cooked rice into the pan and stir until all the contents are equally mixed together. After (or even while you are mixing if you want), add the soy sauce on the food. Stir and add as much as you need into the pan. If you used any type of white rice, the color of the rice should be turning somewhat golden brown at this point due to the sauce and the frying. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of soy sauce, just don’t go over board.

*(The “number” on how much to use for each depends on preference. If you like more meat or if you want more eggs. Even the amount of rice and added soy sauce.)

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