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Fresh Pasta


2 cups flour

1 cup water

A pinch of salt

A bowl

A rolling pin

1. Pour the flour in the bowl. Add the pinch of salt, then mix.

2. Dig a hole in the flour. Slowly pour the water while mixing.

3. Work the dough with your hands in the bowl.

4. Make a bowl with the dough. If it sticks too much, add some flour.

5. Allow to rest for 30 minutes

6. Pour some flour on the table, and then roll out the dough with the rolling pin.

7. One the dough is flatten and thin, add a little more flour on the dough, then roll it more.

8. Cut the dough in thin slices.

9. Boil water in a large pan.

10. Cook the fresh pasta for 3 minutes.

11. Drain the pasta; add a little olive oil, butter, or tomato sauce.

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