Broniewski Memoir

Exclusive Family Portraits by Famous Polish Painters

Portrait of a forbear - possibly the author's great great grandfather - from around the beginning of the 19th century - showing the Tarnawa Coat of Arms attributed to the Broniewski Family


Brownislaw Broniewski - author's great grandfather (1825-1875?) - painted by his son Kazimierz


Bogdan's father Mieczyslaw Broniewski (1893-1966) - painted in 1938 by famous Polish portrait artist Barbacki, who was executed by the Gestapo


Bogdan's mother, Zofia Broniewska (1892-1978) - painted in 1939 by world famous artist Czedekowski


Bogdan's maternal grandfather, Aleksander Gerlicz (1868-1934) - painted in 1930 by famous Polish artist Zofia Rudzkah

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