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Danish Meatballs with Potatoes

By: Christoffer Tolstrup & Vivian Pham

· 2 little red potatoes per person
· One pound of lean ground meat like calves
· One small white or red onion
· 2 potatoes for the meatballs mixture
· Salt and pepper
· 2 eggs

Just wash and cook them with a little salt. They are done when you can easily stick a fork through them; remember that they have to be covered in water the whole time.

Grind the potatoes and onion and mix it with the meat. Also add a bit of salt, pepper and the eggs in the mixture. Then you form them with a spoon, they should not be too big, but not totally round. Then you put them on the pan at medium heat with some butter (add more if necessary.) turn them several times and cook them about 10 minutes. Put a fork not through, but in the middle and if there is no red juice coming out of them, then they are done. They may not be too red inside.

When you have finished all the meatballs, put some more butter on the pan, and let it melt. Use the melted butter as a sauce to dip the potatoes in, on various plates.

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