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Daisuke’s Rice Miso Soup

1. Cook the rice
2. In a large pot, boil water with Japanese soup base
3. Add the cut medium/firm Tofu
4. Then the cut green onions
5. Add also the Japanese soybean paste

Daisuke Rice Miso Soup 1

6. When the rice is ready, take 2 bowls rinsed in water, so the rice doesn’t stick

Daisuke is doing his mom's way of serving the rice

Daisuke is doing his mom’s way of serving the rice

7. Put some rice inside one bowl, then put the other bowl on top of it, and agitate in a circular movement

Daisuke Rice Miso Soup making bowl of rice2

8. The shape of the rice should be kind of oval/round

Daisuke Rice Miso Soup Rice

9. Top the rice with the soup
10. Add some kelp
11. Add a seaweed strip

Daisuke Rice Miso Soup Final

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