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Cronuts By Clayton, Denny, and Ian

• Grape seed oil
• 5 (8-oz) cans Pillsbury refrigerated Crescent dinner rolls
• 3-inch biscuit cutter
• Deep fryer
• 1/2-inch cutter
• Heavy cream
• Pure vanilla extract
• Sugar

Lemon glaze:
• 2/3 cup sifted Confectioners’ sugar
• 2 tbsp lemon juice
• 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind
Whisk the sugar, lemon juice, and the grated lemon rind in a bowl.

1. Heat oil in deep fryer
2. Make tall stacks of rectangles
3. To make doughnuts: use 3-inch biscuit cutter to cut 1 round from each stack
4. Use 1/2 inch cutter to cut small hole in center of each doughnuts


5. Bake in oven for 8 minutes at 375ᵒF
6. After 8 minutes, deep fry the doughnuts in hot grape seed oil
7. Drain on paper towels and cool for 5 minutes
8. In the meantime whip the cream with a little sugar and vanilla extract
9. Pump the cream inside the doughnuts


10. Finally glaze with lemon


11. Add powdered sugar if you like


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