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Costa Rica 2007

Guided by Dr. Robin Lenaker, an esteemed Zoologist who has spent more than 40 years investigating species of insects, reptiles, birds and amphibians.

  • Poas Volcano, La Paz Waterfall, Puerto Viejo on the Sarapiqui River.
  • Guided hike into La Selva (The Jungle)
  • White Water rafting on the Sarapiqui River
  • Tortuguero, towards the Caribbean side of Costa Rica
  • Tortuguero National Park and Tropical Rainforest
  • Monte Verde, Arenal Volcano, Baldi Hot Springs
  • Cloud Forest, Santa Elena Reserve, where Quetzal is visible.
  • Sky Trek Canopy Tour with Sky Walk
  • Manuel Antonio(Pacific Coast)
  • Damas Island and Mangroves Tour, through the estuary system
  • San Jose, Tarcoles River’s Bridge, Monserrat School


Our group in front of our Tour Bus, with our guide Robin.

Robert, Kirina, Sophie, and a student from Monserrat School, to which we brought donated items for their classroom.

Here is Sophie with a Parrot in front of the Banana Plantation on the way to Tortuguero.

Josh was helping set up the computer for the Monserrat School children. They were delighted to have a new source of information as well as new hats and shirts from Eldorado School.

White water rafting on the Serapiqui River was a fun experience for Lillian, Sophie, Frederick, Gilles and Kirina.

Lillian and her mom Pierrette bond over their experience together.

Gilles, Karen, Pierrette, Frederick and Cindy enjoy a glass of wine to conclude their fun trip to Costa Rica.

Corinne, Pierrette, Lillian and Karen enjoy sunbathing in the Manuel Antonio National Park.


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