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Chicken Curry and Rice

By: Neha Khatter


2 onions
5 garlic cloves
3 tomatoes
Skinless chicken breasts
1 can tomato sauce
Fennel seeds
Red pepper
Coriander powder
If you like spicy: add more of the fennel, turmeric, red pepper and coriander powder.

Cut both onions into small pieces
Cut garlic into small pieces
Cut tomatoes into small pieces
Cut chicken in small pieces
Clean rice, double the water, add a bit of olive oil and salt and cook
Chop ginger into small pieces

In a medium/large saucepan:
Combine the oil, onions, ginger, garlic (brown those), then add the tomato sauce, fennel seeds, turmeric, red pepper, salt, coriander powder, chopped tomatoes, and then mix all.
Add the chicken (mix all) and 11/2 cups of water

Cook for 10 minutes. This is a very good dish that can last for a few days
Thank you to Nita: Neha’s mom who came and taught us how to cook this wonderful receipe.

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