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Chicken Cordon Bleu

· Yukon gold potatoes
· Shallots diced, and garlic diced
· Butter
· Chicken broth
· Rosemary-fresh
· Some dry thyme or fresh
· Black pepper
· ½ and ½
· Chicken thighs or chicken breasts
· Prosciutto slices
· Fontina cheese, sliced
· Fresh sage
· Butter for cooking and little oil

· Pound the thighs a little to make thin, then wrap the cheese slices inside the chicken, and wrap on the outside ½ slice lengthwise of prosciutto. Do to all chicken, and then add butter to pan and add some of the sage, add a leaf per piece of chicken and then some. Cook on all sides slowly and low heat, the cheese will melt out some, but it sort of makes a tasty sauce.

· Cooking time is about 20 minutes. Serve with a pilaf or mashed Yukon potato risotto.

If you use potatoes, follow directions below:
· Peel potatoes, and cut into ¼’s
· Put shallots and garlic into butter, and cook for a few minutes
· Add potatoes, and chicken broth to cover, add rosemary, thyme and pepper
· Cook open pot, simmer until liquid is gone or potatoes are done
· Remove the stems of rosemary, and thyme
· Remove excess liquid if you need to, leave some for mashing
· Mash and add ½ and ½ to make mashed potatoes, salt if needed but with the broth you should not need it

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