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Alan’s Spicy Kung Pao Chicken

• Boneless chicken
• 2Lbs Calrose rice
• Olive oil
• Soy sauce
• 1 Red pepper
• 1 Green Pepper
• Baby carrots
• 8 oz Kung Pao Sauce
• 1 Japanese cucumber
• Whole black pepper corns
• Salt and Black Pepper
• Red pepper flakes
• Sugar
• Flour

1. Cook the rice
2. Cut the green, red pepper, and cucumber in pieces
3. Slice the baby carrots

Kung Pao Chicken Starting

4. Cut the boneless chicken in very little pieces

Kung Pao Chicken cutting

5. Sprinkle with flour
6. Add the black pepper

7. Heat some olive oil in a pan
8. Sprinkle with a few whole pepper corns
9. Add the chicken

Kung Pao Chicken only chicken

10. Sprinkle with a little water, the Kung Pao Sauce, and the sugar

Jane is tasting the chicken before adding the vegetable

Jane is tasting the chicken before adding the vegetable

11. Add the vegetable
12. Sprinkle with a few red pepper flakes, it will get spicy.
13. Pinch of salt and pepper
14. Add some soy sauce
15. Mix the whole time

Kung Pao chicken final in pan

Serve with the rice

Kung Pao chicken Final

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